Convert videos to wav and mp3 audio files

On the one hand, I listen almost daily to a fluctuating list of podcasts - mostly while commuting and jogging. I find it very relaxing. On the other hand, I have an ever increasing list of presentation videos I would like to watch, but I don’t actually do it. For some talks and most interviews the video is nice but not necessary. The audio is sufficient to get the information and it’s handy to be able to listen to interesting stuff on the run.

The following bash script downloads the video from youtube and encodes the audio into an low quality mp3 file.

#!/bin/bash -e
cd $(mktemp -d youtubedownXXXX)
youtube-dl -f worst -t $1
name=$(echo *)
ffmpeg -i $name -vn -acodec pcm_s16le -ar 44100 -ac 2 $name.wav
lame -m m -q 0 --vbr-new -B 64 $name.wav $name.mp3

The script depends on youtube-dl, ffmpeg and lame. It creates a temporary folder where it puts the downloaded video, wav and mp3 files.

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